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Since some of my friends would like to ask the recipe some days ago, I put the recipe on my new blog. So my friends can read, try and taste the cake that created by well-known chef from Japan; Hidemi Sugino. The taste of Charme is so heavenly. You must try it. If you can’t make it, you can buy it when you visit Tokyo. Well, which one is the best for you??
The book “Le Gout Authentique Retrouve” is the 2nd book created by chef Hidemi Sugino, my sister in law gave me for the birthday’s gift. Thanks so much to her *xoxo* My dream comes true, so happy to have this book. In Japan, this book, I don’t know, is bestseller or not but try it hard to find in bookstore and finally order via Amazone Japan.

Source: Hidemi Sugino
Modified by Kimkim
Biscuit Jaconde Au Chocolat 22x22 cm x 2
56 grm ground almonds
56 grm powdered sugar
56 grm egg yolks
24 grm whites è whisk it until fluffy
104 grm whites
36 grm castor sugar
44 grm cake flour
16 grm cocoa powder (I used Varlhona)
20 grm melted butter
For the chantily chocolat:
235 grm whip cream è whipped
125 grm dark chocolate ( I used Guanaja)
For the chantily chocolat au lait ( Milk chocolate)
130 grm whip cream è whipped
60 grm milk choco
Syrup Cherry/Griottes 100 grm,
Water 20 gram
Kirsch 20 gram èoptional, I used Original Baileys instead of Kirsch
For the garniture:
100 grm Giottes, but I can’t find Griottes, I used black cherry.
How to:
  1. Jaconde Biscuit chocolate, combine ground almonds and powdered sugar in a bowl, whisk, add in egg yolks, 1st portion of egg whites, whisk them until thick and fluffy. Fold n sifted cake flour and cocoa powder.
  2. Meringue, whisk the egg whites and castor sugar until thick and fluffy then fold in the first batch into together and add in melted butter. Spread the mixture into 2 trays with 22x22 cm . Bake it 230 celcius for 5-6 minutes or depend your oven.
  3. Chantily Chocolat, Fold the whipped cream and melted dark chocolate into together.
  4. Chantily Milk chocolat, fold whipped cream and melted milk chocolate into together.
  5. Syrup, combine cherry/griottes syrup, baileys and water in a cup.
  6. To assemble, place jaconde biscuit at bottom of the mouse ring; I used 20 cm square ring, soak with syrup, then pour in half of the chocolat chantily, afterthat place black cherry all over the surface and pour it the rest of chocolate chantily. Smooth it with pallete, then put it 2nd jaconde biscuit on chantily top. Soak again with syrup then pour it with milk chocolat chantily. Smooth it the surface with pallete, freeze until firm. After firmed dust it with cocoa powder, decorate it with chocolate shards, cherry or even strawberry.

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