Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tofu Fa a.k.a Bean Curd

Tofu Fa a.k.a Bean Curd

Yippiee, finally I can make Tofu Fa, you know how many times I try and fail for the bean curd recipe that searching from google. They use gypsum for making tofu, but once try doing the recipe, the result is not good.
Tofu fa was not firm like I bought from tofu fa stall. How dissapointed I was at that time, all of the goods went to garbage. Duuuh, what's wrong with the recipe, I followed all the step exactly.

Anyway, last minute I know, the gypsum I used is not 'cooked gypsum version' but they called it "cooling agent" which is usually using for chinese medicine.
Instead of using gypsum, I use GDL; glucono delta lactone or Lactone for short.
Lactone that I used it; bought from Singapore when I was there. Actually I still curiousity why I failed for making bean curd. And visiting Phoon Huat in Singapore, my eyes looked up the GDL, suddenly I grabbed and bought it.

If you want to buy GDL in Jakarta; you can go to Fortuna; ingredients store in Central Jakarta. You don't need to buy in Singapore at least. I read also that Singapore banned gypsum for making bean curd, they use GDL as the ingredients.

Speak frankly using GDL is better than gypsum, the texture is so smooth like silk, so no wonder the bean curd stall mention their bean curd texture is so silky ;-p

Ok, for making bean curd, I used organic soy bean; why?  if using non organic, too much skin left over, different from using organic ones; there is no much skin and easier to handle.

Organic Bean Curd

Modified by Kimkim

250 grm soy bean
1,250 ml water
2 grm of GDL
50 ml water
5 Pandan leaves, knotted it.

1. Grinding into food processor the soy bean after soaking for 8 hours.
2. After grinding, sieve into cheese cloth for filtering the bean and water.
3. Cooking the soy bean water for about 15 minutes with knotted pandan leaves until boiling, using small fire and continue to stirr.
4. Dissolve the lactone with water.
5. Mixing the soy bean milk with GDL into the pan.
6. Closing the lid with cloth
7. Waiting for 45 minutes until your bean curd is firmed.

300 grm palm sugar (gula aren)
500 ml water
pandan leaves, knotted it

1. Cut into small the palm sugar: for this case I prefer "gula aren" than "gula kelapa"
2. Put the water and palm sugar into pan and knotted pandan leaves
3. Cut into slices the ginger and put into the pan as well.
4. Boiling all of the ingredients

Tadaaaa, the bean curd is ready to serve, you can serve either hot or with ice.

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