Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Simple Dessert drink : Green Grass Jelly

Green Grass Jelly a.k.a Cincau Hijau

I have already made this simple dessert drink many times and still love to make it. There are some many green grass trees grow in my big pots.
According to Wikipedia source; there are two types of green grass leaves; Two other plants used in Indonesia are Melastoma polyanthum, known as Cincau perdu,[4] and Cyclea barbata, known as Cincau Hijau or green grass jelly.
The one I use is cincau perdu.

In traditional way, we serve the green grass jelly with simple sugar syrup without coconut milk or evaporated milk.

Let's make the simple drink with sugar syrup with pandan leaves aroma.


50 gram Green grass leaves
1,250 ml water
Mint leaves (optional)

How To:

To make simple, I blend all of the green grass leaves and some mint leaves into blender and adding half of water, after all blended, just sieve the blend and adding half of water again.
Pouring into cups and cooling into refrigerator for 2 or 3 hours.

It's simple rite? coz in traditional way they just use squeeze the leaves by hand, that way I was lazy to do it and for some people it seems not hygiene ;-D

Simple syrup ingredients:
200 gram sugar
200 ml water
2 pandan leaves

How to : put all the ingredients and boil until all of sugar melted. Cooling the syrup.

Taraaa...the green grass jelly is ready to serve...wanna make it?

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  1. Hi Kim,

    Will appreciate it if you can advise me as to where I can get this plant.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,


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