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Tiramisu, my blackberry group's friends discussed it until late three days ago, they discussed where find the mascarporne; sometimes difficult to find it in big supermarket such as C4.
The one that we find easily is Yummy's product; local mascarporne from Indonesia, but the shelf life is too short, only 1 month and the price is not cheap, 42,000 idr.

Actually, I have already made tiramisu 2 weeks ago in Palembang once visited my parent for Cap Go Mei festive.  when i looked for mascarpone in my hometown; Palembang, could not find it. Perhaps the shelf life is too short that some bakery ingredients stores do not store it. So I've tried tiramisu powder that the taste is not really my preference, but no choice.

Have you other choice for mascarpone products besides Yummy?
Puglia and Tatua, Puglia is made from Australia, weight 500 gram cost you 123,500 idr and Tatua is made from New Zealand, price is cheaper than Yummy and Puglia, cost you 33,000 idr for 250 gram. Anyway the most important, the shelf life is longer, 3 months.

When blogwalking, I've found sponge cake that made me want to try it, as my previous sponge cake did not make me satisfied, the texture did not spongy, dissapointed. But once I tried this sponge cake recipe from Ria Icip2 di dapur, I'd love this recipe. Why, the owner recipe said the truth, it's not sweety, chocolate, moist, and still spongy. I love you mbak Ria, thanks for sharing the recipe.

If you don't use sponge cake, you can use Lady Finger, buy it in big supermarket or big fruit stores. Actually standard of Tiramisu cake is cookies from Italian, but for this time I used sponge cake instead of cookies.

Source : Ria-Chocoloveid
Ingredients :
5 eggs
10 egg yolks
150 gram castor sugar
15 gram emulsifier
100 gram cake flour
10 gram corn flour
10 gram milk powder
30 gram choco powder, I used varlhona
50 gram dark cooking chocolate
100 gram butter
1 tbsp choco pasta
1 tbsp mocca pasta
How To :

1. Preheat oven 180 celcius
2. Grease baking pan 22 cm
3. Combine dark cooking choco dan butter, melted in microwave. Let it cool.
3. Sieve together cake flour, corn flour, milk powder, choco powder.
4. Beat eggs, castor sugar and emulsifier until fluppy and light.
5.  Adding dried ingredients, mix it until combined.
6. Pouring pasta into melted butter and add into the mixture. Mix it until combined.
7. Bake for about 20 minutes.
Source: NCC recipe
Modified by Kimkim

250 gr mascarphone Puglia
300 ml whipping cream, whipped
100 gr powdered sugar
½ sdt vanilla extract
4 egg yolks
50 gr castor sugar
2 pieces of gelatine, melted with cold water, and steamed it.

For the syrop imbibage:
2 tbsp instant coffee, I used Starbucks Espresso
150 ml warm water
1 tbsp sugar, I don't use
150 ml kahlua / rhum, I used Baileys original

Mix the ingredients above together.

Garnish:Whipped cream, choco powder, red cherry or choco shards.

How To :
  1. Beat whipping cream and powdered sugar until thick.
  2. Beat egg yolks, castor sugar and vanilla until thick, then put it the on the steamed water, beat until the egg yolks dissolve and warmed. Remove the bowl from the heat, continue to beat until the batter become cold.
  3. Put out the whipped cream from the refrigerator, adding mascaporne to the whipped cream, beat until the batter combined together. Pouring the gelatine and whipped cream to the egg yolks, stirred it together.
To assemble :
  1. Prepare spring form or pudding glass. Then place sponge at bottom of the form. Soak it with syrop until moist. Pouring with mascarporne cream, smooth it with pallete. 
  2. Place again the sponge cake, and repeat the step 1.
  3. On top decorated with whipped cream, and sieve with choco powder.
  4. Put the cake into the refrigerator for about 4 hours.

And the result, hmmm you can compare it with Tiramisu from 5th star hotel in Jakarta. Coz my ingredients with top premium coffee, Starbucks Coffee and using Baileys..nyam..nyam

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